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Orc Tooth+ drop, How to get Orc Tooth+

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Orc Tooth+ drop, How to get Orc Tooth+

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Orc Tooth+ drop, How to get Orc Tooth+: Metin2 Orc Tooth+ how to get this item. Upgrade item is Orc Tooth+ orgin.It is used to improve items.This tooth is less worth then Orc Tooth.469

Orc Tooth+ drop, How to get Orc Tooth+ İnformations

Orc Tooth+ How to get?

Bold Big Orc Gaint, Silver Treasure Box+, Black Orc Giant, Gift(Purple). This monster is in Valley of Seungryong.

The valley of Seungryong belongs to the neutral areas. It is often called in Quests as kite valley and of players gladly Orctal. In this map you hit largest part Orcs and Esoterics!

In the center the map you can do that Hwang Temple entered, in this step opponents of Esoteric faith strengthened on and in the center of the Hwang Temple give it that Demon Tower, do you create it the Death Reaper to kill?

In that map you can find Chief Orc boss around the Hwang Temple!

Orc Tooth+ Function: Orc Tooth+ used to improve items.

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