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Lightning Knife Upgrade Items and Stats

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Lightning Knife Upgrade Items and Stats

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Lightning Knife Upgrade Items and Stats: Metin2 Online Dagger Ninja Lightning Knife Upgrade Items.Level 65 dagger weapon Lightning Knife drops. how to get Lightning Knife in metin2 online game guides.464

Lightning Knife Upgrade Items and Stats İnformations

Metin2 Ninja Level 65 Dagger's Lightning Knife Upgrade Items

Lightning Knife +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
Attack Value: 114-126 125-137 137-149 150-162 164-176
Attack Speed : +22% +23% +24% +25% +27%
Upgrade Yang : 20.000 30.000 45.000 90.000 150.000
Upgrade Item 1 : 2 x
Unknown Medicine
2 x
Piece Of Fabric
2 x
2 x
Piece Of Ice
2 x
Ice Marble+
Upgrade Item 2 : - - 1 x
White Pearl
1 x
Blue Pearl
1 x
Blood Pearl.

How to get Lightning Knife

Monster: Red Evil Tree, Setaou Archer
Metins: Metin Ma-An, Metin Pung-Ma, Metin Tu-Young
Chests: Flame King's Chest, Queen Spider Chest, Nine Tail's Chest, Chief Orc's Box

Lightning Knife+9
From level: 65
Attack Value 164–176
Attack Speed 27%
[ Wearable ]: Ninja

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