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Holy Sword Upgrade Items and drops

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Holy Sword Upgrade Items and drops

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Holy Sword Upgrade Items and drops: Metin2 Holy Sword Upgrade Items and Sura Level 80 - 90 sura-sword Holy Sword which dropped from? Holy Sword weapon upgrade guides463

Holy Sword Upgrade Items and drops İnformations

Holy Sword Upgrade Items and stat value

Holy Sword upgrade+0 +6 +7 +8 +9
Lvl : 80 86 86 88 90
Attack Value : 145-210 173-228 183-234 195-241 210-250
Magical Attack : 230-250 242-262 246-266 252-272 260-280
Attack Speed : +15% +22% +24% +27% +30%
Half Human: +2% +8% +9% +10% +12%
Devil: +2% +8% +9% +10% +12%
Cost in Yang : - 290.000 340.000 410.000 500.000
Upgrade Item 1 : 2 x
Blessing Scroll
1 x
Ice Marble
2 x
Unknown Medicine+
2 x
2 x
Yeti Fur+
Upgrade Item 2 : 1 x
Fencing Panphlet
- 1 x
White Pearl
1 x
Blue Pearl
1 x
Blood Pearl
Upgrade Item 3 : 1 x
Ghost Fang Blade
- - - -

Holy Sword weapon upgrade guides

Give one Ghost Fang Blade+9, two Blessing Scrolls, and one Fencing Pamphlet to Seon-Pyeong to receive an Holy Sword+0. This upgrade has a success rate of 100%, so you cannot lose your weapon. This is the only way to obtain this weapon.

Weapon has Half Human and Devil bonus, these bonus, attack speed and level requirement increase with each weapon upgrade. Weapon can be turned into Holy Sword +9 if the upgrade to +1 fails. You can try it mmo online games metin2 pvp and metin2 top server games.

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