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Blessing Scroll drops and orgins

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Blessing Scroll drops and orgins

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Blessing Scroll drops and orgins: Metin2 Blessing Scroll droping, How to get Blessing Scroll, Which monster, Metins, Boxes and boss Chest to give you this item. Blessing Scroll guides.471

Blessing Scroll drops and orgins İnformations

Blessing Scroll is improvement item. Eliminates the risk of destroying an object when its improvement fails. In this case, simply reducing its quality at first

Blessing Scroll Function: Eliminates the risk of destroying an object, if its fails to improve. It will only reduce its quality (eg, previously cut by a + +6 for failure then +5, previously 0 remains 0). Recently, its dropped from all monsters

Blessing Scroll Origin

Metins: - Metin Tu-Young, Metin Jeon-Un, Metin of Gloom, Metin of Ember, Metin of Vanity, Metin of Wrath, Metin of Malice, Metin of Calamity

Monsters: - Alternative Drop

Quests: The Diary, Stocking Up On Power III - The Millennium Recipe, Curse of Life, Black Matter (Level 102)

Blessing Scroll Boxes:
    Yellow Ebony Box
    Flame King's Chest
    Valentine's Chest
    Gold Treasure Chest
    Gold Treasure Chest+
    Plump Ebony Box
    Mysterious Chest
    Mysterious Chest
    Chest of Kings
    Rose (yellow)
    Chest of Triumph
    Blue Ebony Box
    Demon King's Chest
    Rose (red)
    Power Chest
    Chest of the North
    Christmas Chest
    Desert Storm Chest
    Easter Chest
    Basket with Easter Eggs
    Moonlight Treasure Chest
    Hexagonal Treasure Chest
    Iron Box
    Holiday Chest
    Queen Spider Chest
    Nine Tail's Chest
    Chief Orc's Box
    Yellow Tiger's Chest
    Desert Tortoise Chest

Other: *Item-Shop (720 Dm) , Tombola, Wheel of Destiny

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